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Positive Affirmations For Kids

Daily Affirmations help develop healthy self-esteem by focusing on and celebrating the positive.

As important as it is for us to encourage, love, and support our children, it is just as important that our children learn how to create this within themselves. 

You can teach children to use affirmations to improve their wellbeing, encourage creative thinking, and boost their self-esteem. 

what are affirmations?

An affirmation is a short, powerful statement. They allow you to consciously be in control of your thoughts. When you say them or think them, they become the thoughts that shape your realty. 

Why is it important for children?

The messages we send ourselves are very impactful and play a significant role in our happiness, motivation, and overall well-being. Kids who have a more positive outlook are generally happier and better equipped to handle stress. Affirmations not only help boost self-esteem and promote growth mindset, but they also help combat negative thoughts. 

Kids are never too young to start learning tools that help elevate their mind. 

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